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The Fourth Horseman.

Well, seeing that the next sandbox patch is coming soon (as of the Jan. 26 weekly update), I thought that as a Destiny player that has been here since the Destiny Beta (whaaaaa!?!?), I feel like I should give my opinion on a weapon that I only ever see when it's Arc Burn and Specialist: [b]THE FOURTH HORSEMAN![/b] Yep! I remember in Year One before they changed Skolas in the Prison of Elders when it was Arc Burn. This thing [i]WRECKED[/i]. Now of course, burns are more rare, and with Zhalo Supercell around, this gun hasn't really had its chance to shine outside of Arc Burn and/or Specialist modifier activities. But I've been thinking about a [i]possible[/i] buff. One that doesn't absolutely make The Fourth Horseman the only fesable option to take down Alak-Hul in literally five seconds, but gives this weapon some [i]much[/i] needed utility. Just think about it. What does this gun [u]NOT[/u] have? Let's see here: It's first perk is [b]Thunderer[/b], basically a more powerful and intrinsic Full-Auto. Then there's your [b]ballistic perks[/b] that are common on Shotguns, along with the rest of the [b]minor perks[/b]. Finally, it's two main perks besides Thunderer are: - [b]Final Round[/b] - [b]Return to Sender[/b] [b][i]Wait, WHERE'S THE EXOTIC PERK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?[/i][/b] [i]Okay, I know what you're thinking.[/i] It's got Thunderer, I know. But take one good look at Zhalo Supercell for a second, even The Chaperone. Zhalo, for instance, has it's intrinsic, namesake perk of chaining lighting. Then it has Bolts From The Blue when you upgrade it fully. The Chaperone has a similar perk structure. I mean, The Fourth Horseman's [i]very own weapon description[/i] says this: [b][i]"It's not a holdout weapon, it's a pathfinder."[/i][/b] So, based on that, [i]why[/i] doesn't Fourth Horseman have a similar perk build? I DON'T KNOW. And that right there is what I'm suggesting! Hear me out: [i][b]- Reduce magazine size to 4 - Reduce base inventory size - Remove Return to Sender - Replace with Sweet Business: Landing hits or getting kills with this weapon refills the magazine from your reserves.[/b][/i] (If you're familiar with The Dark Below's launch, you'll know that the Fourth Horseman was originally called Sweet Business. ;) ) [i][b]- Remove Arc Elemental Damage[/b][/i] Basically, Sweet Business is a buffed Return to Sender. Reducing it's magazine size and inventory ever-so-slightly compensates for the new perk's function. Personally, I was extremely puzzled when I saw that the Fourth Horseman had 5 rounds but only 4 barrels. [b]Of course though, removing it's Arc Damage might be a little too much.[/b] But my reasoning there is that, with the ability to just pummel targets to death [u]AND[/u] get your ammo refilled at the same exact time, having the Arc Damage on it might be too much. Honestly though, it might not need it's elemental damage taken away. Then again, there's some things you only learn in practice so.... Really, it all comes down to this: [i]I just want to be able to be more efficient and effective with my exotic choices, weapons OR armor.[/i] And right now, The Fourth Horseman, along with a PLETHORA of others, are not really making the cut. [b]For me, if any one thing gets buffed in this next sandbox update, let it be [i]The Fourth Horseman.[/i][/b] Sincerely, Rexasaurus13 A Dedicated Year One Destiny Player and Passionate Guardian [spoiler]Special thanks to Bungie for keeping me and so many other guardians occupied for THREE YEARS. That's a feat in itself. WOW. (Also, please expand the maximum character length for forum posts. PLEASE.)[/spoiler]

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