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Deadly Star: Prelude, Part II

Part two of the prelude to my new series. Part one is [url=]here[/url]. Here is the link to the [url=]House of Scar[/url] series, hope you enjoy that. For now, sit back and enjoy this! [url=]Master Post.[/url] Present time: Late Golden Age RECORD 56-Chasm-357 Captain Elvis Kirks' log, Star Date: 2301.21. I'm on a mission to stop a gang meeting taking place in London. Dr. Sundaresh has their leaders' fingerprints, Jon Sirazzi, on some files after a few were stolen from the Future War Cult. After we meet with the gang's leaders, I will kill Fez Clubber before he can climb any higher in rank. The rendezvous point is located in an alleyway in the slums of London. Fourteen crewmen, First Officer Clubber, and I were beamed down to the rendezvous point. Six of Sirazzi's men were waiting for us. We entered a garage of an abandoned building, and in that garage was Jon Sirazzi. One of my crewmen whispered to me, "The Italian doesn't know what's coming to him." I nodded and whispered back, "Affirmative. They should have never messed with the War Cult." Jon Sirazzi was an Italian man, and had a clean-shaved face with a scar on his cheek from a mix-up with Clovis Bray. Crazy man, messing with the richest research super-company in the system. Slicked back hair, a black leather jacket and fading gray jeans. He thought himself a criminal mastermind, but he was just a thug, money-hoarding and trying to get a reaction from people like Bray so he can get a laugh out of it; instead he was left with a scar from a paid assassin. Of course the assassin didn't finish the job, but got the pay anyway. People are scums, I say. This time Sirazzi wasn't going to make it out. I was sent to make sure his gang is silenced, and stays away from the War Cult. Jon Sirazzi spoke first. "You know, Kirk, I'm glad you showed up! Didn't think I would have the honor of meeting the most efficient and highly appreciated captain of the Future War Cult, did I? No, of course! I thought I would just be killing some mercenary, but Maya was serious!" Before the man fell in love with material and formed his gang, he was in a relationship with Dr. Sundaresh before she was married to Chioma Esa. I replied, "She is [i]Doctor[/i] Sundaresh to you. You let the right to call her by her first name go a long time ago, Sirazzi!" The gang leader was now angered; all a part of the plan. "Don't bring [i]that[/i] into our negotiation, captain! I hope you know what you are in for." Sirazzi drew his revolver from his holster. The mobsters around us drew their weapons. I called out to my crewmen. "Get to cover, soldiers!" We hid behind a shipping crate, and Clubber got out from cover and fired on three out of fifteen of his mobsters. A crewman, Corporal Ronkowski, fired out and killed two more. Sirazzi yelled out to his men, "You know, boys, I could have your hands cut off if you can't even kill one of them!" I could tell his soldiers now had a new drive: fear. I don't know how Dr. Sundaresh was involved with this mad man. One of the gangsters got sights on us, and released four shots on Ronkowski, killing him. "Get behind the other crate!" I shouted out as I pumped more bullets into the gangster that shot the corporal. As we got behind the shipping crate I had clear sights on Jon Sirazzi. "Sirazzi, you had better say good night to your mob of thugs!" Sirazzi looked right at me, pumped with adrenaline. Before he could even get his aim, I put a bullet in his chest with my .44. I yelled out to my crewmen, "Soldiers, retaliate! This is a clean house!" We gunned down the rest of the gangsters as they tried to escape. Sirazzi was hardly breathing, still alive anyway. I walked up to him and he made a grab for his gun. I kicked the pistol away, and looked at him condescendingly. "That's for tangling with the FWC. Dr. Sundaresh will be happy that she's not getting calls from you anymore, too!" Sirazzi gave me an ill-favored look, and tried to grab my throat, but before he did that I pressed down on his chest with my foot. His head fell back and his eyes went from anger to emptiness. [i]One last thing I must take care of...[/i], I thought. [i]Fez Clubber can't go on in the ranks. He should have never became a first officer![/i] The crew walked outside and we all stood, waiting for transmat. Clubber and I were to stay down here, and "discuss" things over. "Soldiers, the first officer and I are to stay down here and discuss the mission. Everyone else is to be sent back to the ship." They all looked at me oddly, but they understood. Once they all beamed up to the ship I began my conversation with Clubber. "Officer Clubber, you remember our discussion earlier, right?" I said with a stern voice, but inside I felt dizzy. He had an ill-favored look, and replied, "Yes, but I thought we would leave it at that. Can't we just do that, captain?" Clubber continued, "Since we can't do that, I feel there is a loose end." "That's why we're here right now, Mr. Clubber. To [i]tie[/i] that loose end. Do you think we can do that?" I was ready to cap the man that killed my friend. But I had to make him more comfortable. But before I could speak again, he pulled his revolver on me. [i]What?! What is happening?[/i] I was completely star-struck. "You plan to kill me to become captain?" Fez Clubber gave me a sly smile. "I was planning it before we were assigned the mission. I suspected you were not going to promote me since Roman." I grew angry at the fact that he just admitted to the murder of my friend. "And what do you plan to tell the crew? How will you explain my death?" Clubber simply smirked and said, "I'll simply tell them one of Sirazzi's crew was still out and about. They trust me, and they will believe me, seeing how I am made captain immediately after the previous captain has passed." Fury boiled up within my heart, and I teared up. "Go to hell, Fez! You won't get away with this!" He simply gave an accomplished smile and said, "I believe I already have. I'm done with this conversation, captain. I wish you a happy afterlife!" Many things rushed in my mind, and in the moments before my death, all I would hear is the cackle of my worst enemy. Fez Clubber was a dark seed planted within my crew. Growing and becoming brighter, giving warmth to what is close then burning it to the ash; he has become a deadly star.

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