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12/29/2016 2:11:49 AM

First Curse

Probably one of my favorite hand cannons, not because it is OP, but because its challenging and the bragging right is implied if you can win a match of rumble with it. Was just playing with it again not to long ago, and thought it should deserve a buff, along with most highest impact hand cannons. REASON: I was in a couple of Rumble matches with nothing but hand cannons, mostly Last Words and Hawkmoon architecture ones, and noticed how the Last word would always win unless they missed quite a bit of shots or weren't paying attention. And for guns like Hawkmoon or Lord Highfixer, they kill in the same amount of shots, 1 to head and 2 to body, or 4 total body shots. I find that ridiculous, a higher impact hand cannon killing with the same amount bullets! I even had quite a few plays where I would get 2 headshots and it would show they had no health. And that's what I honestly think it should be. It should be able to 2 headshot and 3 body shot, if you have to lower RoF a tiny bit I would find that acceptable. [Not much though, it's still still pretty slow.] I just really find this gun a little underpowered compared to all hand cannons, mainly Hawkmoon types. Especially when you get 3 body shots and they have less then 15% health left, its a bit ridiculous. Or when you get those 2 headshots and there health doesn't even appear. It honestly makes you think what's the point when I could put on a Hawkmoon and shoot faster and more efficiently.

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