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1/7/2017 8:25:57 PM

Why is this a thing??

I appreciate the fact that the drop rate for skeleton keys has been increased significantly. You can only hold 5 at a time which is fine with me. If they drop for you with a full inventory they will even get sent to your postmaster. But here comes the part that I think is pretty ridiculous. Every other item in the game, if your inventory is full the postmaster will not allow you to pick up an item. This is not true for skeleton keys. I just pick up a bunch of items from the postmaster and thought, it's OK to just spam the x button to pick everything up since it won't allow you to pick up a certain item with full inventory. Nope!!! Had 3 keys sitting there and 5 in my inventory. The postmaster allowed me to pick them up anyway and they just disappeared into thin air. Skeleton keys are the only item in the entire game that this can happen with. WHY?!?!

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