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12/29/2016 11:46:05 PM

Exotic Weapons

Why must Bungie nerf so many good exotic weapons and make them trash, then have exotics that desperately need buffs just sit there. Examples of former/kinda great weapons- Hawkmoon, Thorn, The Last Word, Vex Mythoclast, Icebreaker, Gjallarhorn, SUROS Regime, Red Death, Universal Remote. (Notice a lot of primaries? Maybe that's why there are so many Metadors) Examples of weapons that need buffs- Hard Light, The 4th Horseman, Invective, Dregs Promise, Patience and Time, Hereafter, Super Good Advice. Now, that was a lot of weapons. The point of Exotics, well, let's just say they are supposed to be the rarest, best, coolest looking guns in the game, generally speaking. They're supposed to be unique. But one gun, the 4th Horseman, has no use whatsoever. It has no exotic perk. Both full auto and return to sender drop on other weapons. Patience and Time is just a perfect campers weapon. If Bungie added another perk, or made the camo last permanently while ADS, as long as you arent moving, it might be better. Dregs Promise and Trespasser are practically the same gun. Both Arc, both burst, and both never used because of a lack of defining perk. Dregs Promise has high target acquisition, and Trespasser fires a bigger burst. They might be pretty cool guns, but they arent really up there, especially in the current meta. Sidearms were kinda always mediocre, except for the few people who can use them well, but at least make some cooler exotic variants. Invective and Icebreaker are very useful for regenerative ammunition, but Invective never had enough impact, and Icebreaker got a nerf to the ammo regen time. There wasnt anything too bad with IB, it was a crutch in PvE sometimes, but they couldve added 1-1.5 seconds. Not 3! I suppose it couldve been worse, but it did make the popularity drop a little. Gjallarhorn. The famed Rocket Launcher. The nerfs too it were good. It needed it. It is in a good spot right now, for damage and fun. (The Iron variant looks pretty cool too) The hand cannons- Hawkmoon, Thorn, and The Last Word. They were all very good back in year 1, but they all got nerfed pretty hard. With range nerfs too all 3, and the added mag size for Hawkmoon, decreased effectiveness of Thorn DoT, and TLW having its exotic perk practically useless with the removal of bonus damage, they dont perform well in most situations anymore. It's such a shame, since they got some of the coolest ornaments. (Well, The Last Word's iffy) Most of the other exotics are in good places perk wise, but they just aren't strong enough in the current meta. Hopefully, one day, these weapons will have a chance to shine again. (Now remember 5 year olds, this is my opinion, which I am entitled to! Just because I say these things doesn't mean you'll all agree, this is just my view on exotic weapons) Thank you all, and have a nice day!

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