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12/28/2016 3:29:45 AM

House of Scar Ch. 22

Here's the link to the [url=]last chapter[/url]. The master thread is [url=]here[/url]. Enjoy the series! My name is Clubber, a mercenary for the Future War Cult, a secretive group trying to find a work-around from the imminent fall of this Golden Age. I officially joined the group full-time after the founder, and former scientist, Maya Sundaresh, gave me an offer. It wasn't officially named the Future War Cult until the visions of a coming war in other timelines we had seen through the Device. I was on a closed mission, to investigate anomalies sprouting from the Waking Ruins. I was standing in front of what looked like a vault door, obviously the same type of architecture as the rest of the ruins. I was receiving a transmission, from Dr. Sundaresh. I was feeding her telemetry from a war frame. "Have you found the source of the anomalies, Clubber?" I replied, "It looks similar to a vault door. They are definitely sourced from far beyond the vault." The vault began to light up. "Wait, something is happening. The vault door is surging with power..." A spire was forming from the drop below, and a beam had been directed to the center of the door. It began to spin, and the door was open. I would not dare enter. There was a light coming from a cave within the vault. Dr. Sundaresh was doing analysis, and then she began to sound concerned. "Clubber, I don't think you should be standing so close... that light is a rift in time itself." I didn't know the science behind that, and I didn't know if it was dangerous. I moved back, but the light began to swallow what was inside. The rift was surging and coursing. "Clubber, get out of there, now!" I began to run to my ship. My friend, Mason, was waiting for me there. "That rift could be your death, Clubber. This mission is scrubbed! Get back to Seattle!" I locked for transmat to my ship. I got to the bridge, and Mason was already on it. "Mason, set course for Seattle! That rift is coursing with energy, and we may never see Maya Sundaresh again if we don't get out of here!" I transmitted to Dr. Sundaresh, "Maya, we're about to break orbit!" "Good, now get back here as soon as you--" She was cut off. The communications were down. The ship was just now shaking, and we heard a sound like thunder. Lights were going off and on, and once we took control, we felt a sense of vertigo. Mason looked worried, and asked, "What was that? There's nothing near the ship! Captain Clubber, the ship is damaged. The hyperdrive is damaged, I'll have to go into manual if we want to get to Seattle!" I began to worry, seeing how communications, analysis protocol, and hyperdrive was down. Not to mention the engine was damaged. I just hoped that we see Maya Sundaresh when we reach Seattle. Four days had passed, and we had entered the earth's atmosphere. Mason began to shout, "Sir, we're close to the city, but the landing isn't going to be pretty! We're going to crash!" "Go into red alert! All soldiers, strap yourselves in! Mason, set all safety protocols into motion. We need to land as safely as possible!" A frame, Divi-1370, arrived into the bridge, to give calculation. "Captain, the crew has increased survival chance by 120%, I would say we are going to be in moderate condition." Even though Divi was just a frame, that was actually quite comforting. The crash wouldn't be pleasant, but we would not die. A frame of Divi's intelligent had calculations that were always accurate. "Everyone, brace for impact, we're going to crash in fifteen seconds!" Mason was a reliable First Officer. There was none so loyal to their designated captain like he was. Mason also helped me get to the rank of captain. We always deceived our way to the top. He may be my best friend, but we both know that neither of us should be trusted. Mason shouted, "Impact in three seconds!" Once impact hit we were all unconscious. None had died upon the crash, nor was anyone going to bleed out. One of my crewman, Anzen, woke me up. "Sir, we're in Seattle and no one is critically wounded. We're just sore, that's all." I replied, "Thank you, officer. Wake Mason, and the rest of the crew." "Sir, Seattle is different. It's completely ruined, but I can see the Space Needle. Ivy is growing everywhere, and the buildings are either destroyed or abandoned." I walked out of the crashed ship, and we were in the middle of a street. The buildings around us were old, ivy covering them. Others were destroyed, and bones were everywhere. This was not the Seattle we knew. I was not about to give up, and the FWC will have moved Maya and the rest of the leaders elsewhere, before whatever the heck happened here. "Maya might have escaped, but whatever happened here, the North American Empire will have been noted. We'll be able to reboot the communications now that we're on the surface, and send out a strong distress call." I was worried that we'll run into whatever brought the city down. The flight only took us four days, whatever did this must be lingering. I saw people approaching us, from down the street. Their eyes didn't show welcome, they showed caution. They were armed, and they were suited in armor. They wore cloaks, with hoods on their helmets. They bare a strange marking, one I have never seen: a clenched fist, painted green.

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