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12/27/2016 11:49:17 PM

Just solo'd the Nightfall w/Titan

Solo'd the nightfall (Dec 27) Titan. Took awhile but I was waiting on a friend to join at the Omnigul room before I just decided to try and finish it. Class Setup: Titan (SunBreaker) Primary: Imago Loop Secondary: Devil's Dawn (Void) Heavy: Truth Exotic Armor: Ruin Wings (Lots O' Heavy Ammo) There isn't a lot to the first part, just take it slow. The real challenge is the end. [b]Safe Spot[/b] under the bridge where the thrall come out, you can stand and crouch behind the computer center. It's funny because as the thrall come out the cursed ones will explode if you're standing on the computers. Makes it easy to deal with them. Whenever the thrall come out just wait for them to come down and shoot them as the come. They won't come near you unless you stand on top of the computers. Shoot at Omnigul with rockets whenever you get a safe shot. When the enemies all come out I'd use my super and take them out, snipe the knights, one shot the thrall and acolytes with Imago headshots. Snipe the Ogres. Continue to rocket Omnigul till she's dead.

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