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Editado por Het_Maesten: 12/17/2016 5:05:45 PM

All Sekeleton Keys Lost

Hi, First thing: sorry about my english. it's not my main. Problem description: I was today on Strike mission. At the end i foud Skeleton Key. I didn't notice that i got already 5 keys, so i open Destiny app quickly and send my keys to other character, but... It didn't happend. I got a messagem something like "U cant transfer that item. WE ARE AWARE OF THIS PROBLEM". So I went to other Strike to use my keys. But when i check my inventory there wasnt any key. Zero. Null. 0. I double checked all characters, vault, postmaster... Nothing. They gone. I really want my keys back, i earned them. Sorry once again for my english, it suck. Please help. Thanks

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