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Editado por Pieeees_r_gr8: 12/15/2016 5:14:09 PM

Exotic engram rant.

I'm so done with this game. I always buy xur's 3oC and rarely get exotics (i'm ok with that) but the one thing that makes me want to pull my hair out is the rng! I play on my titan sometimes, and just want the armamentarium, but i always get twilight garrison. On my hunter, i want mask of the third man+knucklehead radar for the looks(i was away when xur sold it) Don't get me started on exotic primarys. They are so rare from a 3oC and I want the zhalo supercell and Mida but all i get is no land beyond and universal remotes! at least i was blessed with thunderlord(getting me the last RNG exotic heavy). Also, whenever i get speciaals, 4th horseman! i just want to try out telesto and invective! ( i'm to lasy to try to get pocket infinity, it's probably going to give me a year one 4th horseman also) please RNG what have i done to deserve the universal remote, the Nlb Is fun. Anyone else have this kind of luck?

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