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What Destiny's roadmap for the rest of ROI SHOULD be

Look I played vanilla Destiny and I loved it. VOG was spectacular and i loved grinding strikes. I reached the level cap and quit playing when Dark Below came out. I think Bungie would be extremely smart to bring back all old raids and POE again. So i think the roadmap for the rest of ROI should be: - In February release a decent sized update that introduces a new strike to the game and release 2 new exotics into the game available via exotic quest. This would satisfy destiny players enough until a larger update in April - Around the middle of April release an update that brings back VOG, CE, POE, and KF. Bring all the legendaries and exotics from these activities obtainable at 400 light. Remove burns on primary weapons and with the patch, do a big weapon balance and maybe even an exclusive eververse armor set. Also bring back all exotics that have not been brought back yet. This would make true Year 1 veterans like myself extremely happy and would make me come back every week to do all 4 raids. This would be very smart on Bungie's side. - At the beginning of June tease us with some Destiny 2 info and have a big trailer and playable demo release during E3. This would make the community very excited for Destiny 2. - After E3 release occasional tidbits of information in the weekly updates and keep the hype cycle going. - September of 2017 Destiny 2 launches. That is what i think Bungie should do with the rest of ROI that would satisfy most players. What do you think Bungie should do? Let me know down below! Have a nice day and thanks for reading:)
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