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Amazing Halo 5 Update (Now Live!)

For those who enjoy Halo 5, this upcoming update is looking to be one of the best yet. For those who don't, you're in the wrong thread. - [b]Race[/b] and [b]King of the Hill[/b] returning! - [b]New Battle Golf[/b] game mode! - [b]Custom Games Browser[/b] (allows you to search for ongoing Customs with other players) - [b]Grenade Launcher[/b], [b]Anti-Air Wraith[/b] and [b]Sentinel Beam[/b] - [b]Two New Forge Canvases[/b] (Sanghellios and Underwater) - [b]New Announcer Voices for Purchase[/b] (including Buck, Exuberant Witness and Yabda the Grunt) - [b]Mythic Warzone Firefight[/b] (includes Skull modifiers and will feature a new map each weekend) - [b]Heroic Warzone Firefight[/b] (easier version of WZFF) - [b]Two new Warzone Firefight Maps[/b] (Temple and Prospect) - [b]Separation of Social and Ranked Playlists[/b] (Social: Team Skirmish, Action Sack, Infection, Big Team Battle, Super Fiesta, Shotty Snipers, Grifball and Triple Team /// Ranked: Team Arena, Slayer, Snipers, SWAT, FFA, Doubles and Breakout) - [b]REQ Gifts[/b] (allows you to purchase and send REQ packs to your friends) - [b]Spectator Mode[/b] - Many new Forge objects. - Other major Forge improvements and additions. - Many new Customization items. - Limited max fireteam size in PvP Warzone to only six players as a way of testing to see if it will help prevent "blowout" games in which one team completely dominates. As you can see, there are a lot of options in the Social and Ranked playlists. Some will definitely be getting removed. If you want your favorites to stay, try to help boost that specific playlist's numbers by playing it a lot with your friends. This update, just like every other Halo 5 update, is free. The only thing for purchase is the voices, which is $10 USD for all three together.

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