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12/4/2016 8:50:56 PM

Possible Remedy to Vault Space Issues

This post isn't about bashing others for needing Vault Space at all but rather an option that Bungie could possibly look into and hopefully gets noticed by either Cozmo or even DeeJ. I constantly see people needing Vault Space all of the time, even among my own fireteam as well as members on here. So as a simple solution to Vault Space, why not spend 100 - 150 Strange Coins to increase it by 1 page. If you don't need the Vault Space page, then continue on as normal and spend your Strange Coins on Xur if he has anything of use. Sometimes I even need more space and other times I don't due to infusing gear to my other characters. I think that the ability to spend Strange Coins to increase Vault Space would definitely help out the Destiny community in many different ways. Maybe even the ability to select which page gets increased such as Weapons, Armor, and Other would be a great benefit to us all. What do you all think? Would those of you who need the space be willing to spend 100 - 150 Strange Coins to get a Vault Space page that you need?

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