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Editado por Big Slam: 11/20/2016 5:39:48 AM

Changed Clan Name (, NO Change In-Game (XB1 Console) Please Help!

BUNGIE, Please Help? I am Admin of my Destiny Clan and have so far changed my Clan's Name via home PC using the BUNGIE.NET Clan Admin Tools. [Note: the New Clan Name [b]is[/b] reflected on the Clan Page Banner.] However, the Clan Name [b]will not[/b] change on our in-game Emblems, despite exhaustive attempts to resolve it. [Note: The Old Clan Name remains (in-game).] I searched the BUNGIE Help Forums for days now and tried every conceivable suggestion, all to no avail. I'm truly at wits end here. Please, can someone help me fix this? I would be extremely grateful... Thanks, BIGxSLAM

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