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Hablemos de Destiny.
11/13/2016 3:06:00 AM

Ban Players Without Good Enough Internet!

I see all these extremists saying to remove SBMM. I'll defend the other extreme. Why should one person's internet quality ruin my experience in a game. Ruining a competitive environment with sub-par internet is not acceptable. You can't play sports or any other competitive thing without proper equipment. Video games should not be an exception. Either move them into a different pool of players entirely or outright ban them. There is no reason that those players deserve to ruin fun for others just because they do not have good internet. Q and A "Why should laggy players get punished for not having good internet" - It was that persons decision to join in a competitive game and ruin smooth game-play for others. "I can't get better internet where I live!" - There are other alternatives of competitive gaming aside from PvP Fps. There are games like Hearthstone where you don't need good internet in the slightest to play. There are also turn based games that don't require good internet. You could even consider speed running PvE games as competitive. "I payed for this game. I'll play it how I please!" - You bought access to destiny. That is just one of many steps to being able to play it. You need a console, tv/monitor, electricity, and good quality internet. Play all the PvE content you want.Just be sure you have good enough internet before you start playing PvP.

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