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5/13/2016 2:57:38 PM

Faction Ship Drop Bug?

It seems I have encountered a possible bug, although it may just be poor RNG but I'm tryi to gain some data. I have a late year one, mostly year two (started the character a week before Taken King) Titan with an allegiance to New Monarchy. While the two ships, Armor of Vows, and The Visible Hand have dropped (and early too less than 30 levels in) it has now been 164 levels and still no Comitatus ship. I have had full spektar Gear drop, and all Shaders and Emblems but it seems like a bug if the drop rate for the ship to be now under 1%. Anyone else encountered something similar? Let's point it out to bungie there might be a bug within the drop rate they can fix. Thank you.

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