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11/10/2016 12:54:59 PM

Higher drop rate for Skeleton Keys needed

Just finished my 8th or 9th strike in the 320 light playlist today (the playlist that supposedly has the highest drop rate for keys), still haven't had one drop for me. Two occasions, BOTH of the randomers I was with got skeleton keys whereas I didn't. Cozmo, I know you said you were passing on our desire for a higher drop rate to the dev team, but could you please tell us whether or not something is actually going to be done about it? I propose three potential things that could remedy the situation: 1) Increase the drop rate. Simplest solution. 2) Make it so that the drop rate increases each time a strike is completed without a skeleton key dropping, with it resetting when one finally does drop. 3) Give us the means to get a guaranteed skeleton key (Besides the one-time thing you get for beating the post-story quest). Something that can be done weekly would be nice.

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