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Dark souls 3 boss weapons giveaway ps4

Like the title says. I'm ng4 or 5 or something, don't need them anymore. No dlc weapons though. Other than that, i don't have the crystal sage, rosaria, or twin princes souls. Have souls for the rest, will transpose them to whatever. Just ask. I have just about everything. But, there are a few things I'm lacking. Wolf ring (covenant reward one),obscuring ring, speckled stoneplate ring (regular one). I know it's a long shot, but if i could get any of those covenant reward items it would help me a lot, and i would be very grateful. Edit: gonna list souls I've given items from here. Also, only gonna give one person 2 soul weapons at a time for now, unless i just don't get a lot of people wanting anything. Nameless king Abyss watchers

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