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Editado por Maxshano: 11/5/2016 2:25:28 PM

Hunters are so SLOOOWWWW.

Hunters should be faster..


How about no? (Comment why so we can discuss.)


Shut ya pie hole, I wanna see everyone else' pick!


(Could have sworn I posted this...) Hunters are strangely the slowest character in the game, despite having the ability to max out their agility the farthest. This is because both titan skating, and warlock glide, make the user feel fast. Hunter jumps, even increased control, don't have enough horizontal movement to make me feel like I'm going any faster. This is probably because it should be viable in PVE, but really, it just makes me feel slow. I think we should do something to have agility, and by proxy, hunters a bit more alluring for their effect on speed. Agility effects sprint speed. or Allow fr0st ee5 to increase sprint speed. ( Right now they do nothing interesting.) Thats it. Thats all. Just allow it to effect sprint speed. With this people can feel fast. "But that O.P.!" Than what about the fastest class in the game, titans, getting dune marchers that essentially do the same thing? (As well as being able to be coupled with juggernaut or shoulder charge.) The problem is the 'agile' hunters, arent all that agile, and are in fact incredibly slow. Sure they have moment options like shade step, but titans have mid-air dodge (Midair > ground) Sure hunters have blink, but warlocks have a helmet to improve their blinks. Honestly. Its really funny no one has noticed up to now. Hunters are outshined in agility by both other classes. This shouldn't be the case, since their hyped up to be the speedy glass cannons. Point is, agility needs to have a more greater effect on speed. If this was the case, I probably wouldn't be complaining right now. However it doesn't, and what ends up happening is everyone specs for something else, and it becomes useless. Hunters have the worst of this in my opinion. With exotics included, titans have dune marchers, and warlocks have blink helmet. Without exotics, titans have titan skating. Hunters can move vertically faster, but in crucible, this is a hindrance due to snipers. In PVE, this just becomes rarely helpful, and at best just allows you to get to that ledge before you're team. Edit: (70 No's, but only 24 comments. Cool.)

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