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Editado por Rogueninja993: 11/6/2016 3:44:48 AM

Why I'm probably going to quit destiny

I'm sick and tired of destiny at this point. The crucible is unplayable, with SBMM matching you against either trials players or people with horrible connections. Not to mention the reward system, guys at the bottom of the team get the best stuff and you get blues for winning. I almost had a rage induced stroke getting my weekly bounties done, only to get multiple of the same gun that I already had equipped. I'm always the person who dies to the final blow and to put the icing on the cake, even if I've been playing well I somehow alway end up below a 1.0 kd, not that kd should matter in this game. Did the nightfall last night, bought the 4th horseman to make the boss easier with the modifiers, got the 4th horseman in the final reward screen. I've been trying to get the NLB for so long cause I just want to have fun with it. There have been countless times where I or the people I play with mention a gun or a roll they want and then someone else gets it immediately (Ex. I mention the NLB and my friend gets one out of a legendary engram). I've gone through countless engrams and reward screens and still nothing. I realize you can't have fun in this game. Anything that is fun or good gets nerfed right out of existence or is just simply never given to you. I have no idea why I keep coming back. This game makes me think dark thoughts, and Ive probably caused significant dollars in damage because of it. Bungie this is your last chance to keep a dedicated player. (Also I'm sending you the bills for my therapy and house repairs)

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