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11/4/2016 6:56:10 AM

Skeleton Keys (5) Completely Disappeared

My problem with the skeleton keys is this: I had 5 skeleton keys in my inventory when I started playing the heroic strike playlist, and then they disappeared. After I had 5, the next strike I played was the cabal brothers strike. At the end of the strike, a skeleton key dropped, and I tried to use one of my keys and then pick the dropped one up. Neither of that happened because the mission ended before i could open the chest. When I went to orbit, I realized that I had no more skeleton keys. They disappeared from my inventory and are not in my vault!!! That is frustrating! I've read online that this has been another common issue besides the low rng for the keys. Bungie is aware that the extra keys that get sent to the postmaster may get deleted, but ALL of mine got deleted, even the ones in my inventory. Any word on when bungie will fix this?

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