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publicado originalmente en: Destiny Year 1
10/27/2016 9:05:21 PM
The Alpha and beta was probably the best time I had with this game. Year one content was 10/10 Year 2 was 7/10 And this years was 5/10 (😜In my opinion) In the beta taking on the spider tank at light level 12 on the Sepkis Prime strike would take an hour or so. And every bit of it was heart racing... And the Vision ✌️️ The Vision of Confluence 💣💥 Best Gun Ever The original LDR with 6 in the mag 🤓 And the VoG 😜🎸 Best raid ever ❗️ Killing the Templar without letting him Teleport ⁉️ Nobody does that now 🕹 Here's hoping Destiny 2 can recapture the magic ✌️️

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