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10/26/2016 9:45:54 AM

My issue with the new mask system

This year, you don't need glue to save your masks. Yay! Right? No "yay" and here is why: Last year the bags of candy gave you masks as well as glimmer chews and other consumables. This year they only give you Jackolites and flight of shadows. No mask. It kind of sucks because before you could grind candy bags for free, collect all the masks you wanted, and then buy glue to save the ones you want. Now you can only buy treasure boxes and get the same legendary "skolas" mask 5 times in a row. (I'm seeing a lot of posts about this issue) It's a much worse system. If it was at least smart rng I could possibly let it slide but it is not. We have less control over our silver. It's all rng. No way of working around it like last year. If you got a legendary mask you didn't want last year, break it down and glue a blue one that you want to keep. Simple. The new system is set in place to make them more money. And the only thing you get when you break down duplicate masks is 3 silver dust... I don't need silver dust. I would rather have GLUE. Just my thoughts.

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