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Creating a Character from Lore to add to lore and making a Cosplay for-Hive Cosplay WIP

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So I'm making a Hive Cosplay for the coming months and using the lore to make an identity for this character as if he was in lore. Tornok Fanatic of Oryx Grimoire Card- Blessed King, low he lays Trapped as taken by powers he laid I wear his mantle and will he wrote His throne vacant its shape laid bare Call me Navigator,Geometer, and Taker of wills Tribute in his name Others look up, a King Lost The deep whispers my name It reeks of promise A worms wish Oryx beloved king I wear the false name My title and tithe to a forsaken name Laugh at the cries of those taken Laugh at the deaths so justly made Rejoice your king reborn, lives anew Idea behind this lore character- This is following the character like Thalnok the Fanatic of Crota in that Tornok believes himself to be Oryx and now that his lord is gone he has taken the power of the Taken King for himself proclaiming himself to be Oryx re born. He was originally an ambitious worm of an acolyte who saw an oportunity and stole the throne when the Guardians slayed Oryx's and his brood and left the throne open. Now he wields a portion of Oryx's power but is learning quickly how to use the Taken power. The idea is that all the Hive Gods have these fanatics who will do everything they can to become those they believe they are. I would love to create a character not only for the lore but I'm also doing a cosplay work for it and would love opinions as I work on it. Any Lore ideas that you want to throw my way would also love to read or see and hell I'd love to make a cosplay idea for it as I work on Tornok. WIP as I go have about 4 months before the event I want to show the whole thing off. (Currently working on head and finishing it up soon) as I go through working on it ill throw the older images here. [url][/url]

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