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10/20/2016 6:39:10 AM

Petition to change the censors from -blam!- to -china!-

Okay, so one day you're just [url=]-china!-[/url]ing around the forums while taking a dump. And now you see these people posting their favorite big tittied waifus and you want those abominable weeaboos to know how much you heavily dislike (hate is a strong word) their antics. "YOU [url=]-china!-[/url]ING WEEBS ARE SO [url=]-china!-[/url]ING DISGUSTING I HOPE YOU ALL GET [url=]-china!-[/url]ED BY SOME WEIRDO [url=]-china!-[/url]ER [url=]-china!-[/url]!!" Holy shit, what's this? The censors no longer change my fuсk to -blam!-, but now it's [url=]-china!-[/url]?

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