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publicado originalmente en: Would you like to get back in year one?
Editado por TeddyBundy: 10/15/2016 9:18:28 AM
He's absolutely right, at least for PvP. Of course PvE is much better now. But PvP was 10times more fun in Y1 even though I was a complete noob back then. No SBMM bullshit. No Bloom bullshit. Both destroyed PvP. Simple. YES, there were op weapons and YES, they deserved those nerfs (Shot Package, Final Round Snipers, Thorn, TLW, Vex, etc.)...but the fact that those weapons dominated didn't destroy PvP at all. It was annoying, yes. But at least every weapon felt good in terms of consistency. Weapon changes were necessary...but not basic changes to consistency and matchmaking. Both destroyed the perfect base to build up upon.

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