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Editado por Kevlo16: 10/13/2016 1:18:46 PM

Landfall is BROKEN!!!

Lanfall perk does not work and should be fixed


Landfall perk is fine but not per the description


Warlocks are OP, fugetaboutit


So, when I use my stormcaller in PVP about 1 in 5 times of activating it, the landfall perk does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.... And I do mean nothing. Not "slight damage", zero. The stormcaller super actually requires some space to be able to use it effectively, which is why I believe the perk exists in the first place. But right now, it is really just a "chance" type perk!!! Seriously Bungie!! I've had discussions with some people who are of the opinion that it will only proc if you are directly above an opponent when you hit it. If this is the case (which the description of the perk (....creating a devastating shockwave under you) indicates an AOE, not a POINT)), I would have to say to Bungie designers, WTF were you thinking!!! It did not behave this way before. I'm not looking for fist of havoc here, but when you are right up next to the opponent, it should flippin kill him!! Before anyone goes there, I main a hunter, I just hate it when things don't behave properly!! Edit 1: I'm talking about activating when I'm so close to the opponent I'm pushing him.

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