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publicado originalmente en: Would you like to get back in year one?
10/14/2016 3:19:07 PM
If you think y1 was balanced you couldn't be more wrong. Y1 felt balanced because of really no reason scouts were unusable, Vex was the king of kings, suros was close, shotguns could kill from mid range, fusions actually needed a nerf, supers were too super (I'm looking at bladedancer damage mitigation), snipers for the most part couldn't complete no matter skill (felwinter doesn't actually count as a sniper despite the stupid range), shotpackge and rangefinder could roll at the same time, and worst of all only three weapons were used. Here in y2-3 there's significantly more diversity (except for the shotgun area), everything can compete, and supers are still super but not super immune. Sometimes the past needs to stay the past no matter how much I miss field scout in PvE, or even having phogoth be the most difficult strike without cheese.

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