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Your Final Gaming Session

[i]Note: You can skip to the end for the question. The first one is the most important one.[/i] You've recently been told you have only a month left to live. You're approached by an incredibly wealthy man who says he will pay the expenses toward your perfect, final gaming session. [spoiler]You can invite anyone you want, such as personal friends and family. Or even people who live far away, like friends you've met online or people you would like to meet. Even celebrities if you so wish. He'll pay for their flight expenses. You can have the party wherever you want. In the comfort of your own home, in a large movie theater that's been rented out to be your private party location, wherever. And most importantly, he will pay for the best TV screens or monitors, any gaming systems you might need, any equipment you might want, and whichever games you want to play during your final session.[/spoiler] [b]1. What games will you (and your guests) play during your party? 2. Who will you invite to your party, if anyone? 3. Where will you have your party?[/b]

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