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publicado originalmente en: Your Final Gaming Session
10/13/2016 2:43:35 AM
Fresh fruit and omelettes for breakfast and a game of chess with my father. I then go to a virtual/augmented reality theme park with 4 of my childhood friends and my girlfriend, ingest a small amount of psilocybin and complete a 6 hour virtual reality rpg campaign where the dungeons are mapped to various warehouses we have rented out. After that we retreat to a castle in the countryside where my mom makes grilled cheese and lemonade for everyone and we build a big fire. We break out the talisman set and play a game that last around 5 hours while eating sporadically brought plates of delicious appetizers. We take a short break to stoke the fire and set up the TV's. My friends are given destiny accounts with maxed characters and relevant weapons and we complete VoG and WotM while smoking the best weed in the Pacific Northwest.

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