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9/14/2015 3:30:49 PM

IKORA quest challenges - Complete strike and get 20 kills while under radiance

Hi All Thought I would share this all with you as you may come across this quest when playing Destiny with the new 2.0 Update. I was playing my warlock and doing the quest given by Ikora from the tower. Most of the quest steps are fairly straight forward. However there is one step which can be a bit cumbersome and annoying. So thought I would share this as it may save some of you some time. WARLOCK - IKORA QUEST Challenge 1. Defeat 20 Enemies while surrounded by radiance 2. Complete a strike In order to complete this part of the quest you have to defeat 20 enemies within a strike mission while under radiance. If you do not complete it within the strike time you will fail and have to start over. SO easy way to complete this - Step 1: Activate the following Sunsinger perks: 1) Fusion Grenade 2) Gift of the Sun + Any armour which can decrease your cool down for Radiance Step 2 Load up the Nexus Mind Strike on Venus Step 3 Once the game starts let the 2 other Guardians you are team up with run off and do the strike. YOU must stay I the first area in order to complete this challenge. Due to the fact that Multiple VEX and Fallen spawn here you can complete this part rather quickly. Step 4 Keep killing spawned enemies to decrease your radiance cool down Time. Once Radiance is full wait for a load of vex to spawn and try and get them to herd into a group. Once they are close enough Activate radiance and launch your 2 grenades, hopefully killing multiple Vex. Repeat this step until you reach 20 kills. (Melee attack under scorch radiance also count towards the total) Bonus - HAKKE TEST-A Prototype In this area I complete this test by killing 2 enemies in quick succession to reach the 100% testing. Might be worth doing both at the same time. Step 5 Complete the Strike if the other guardians haven't already done so. PS - You must complete the kills before the other guardians complete the strike. Hopefully this helps. If anyone has any other ideas to help with anything then please feel free to post. Thanks STEVOBEAR

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