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Petition: Auto delete option for green engrams!

Bungie, This is starting to get really annoying! Green engrams drop like crazy and i don't mind! You can never have too much weapons parts and armor materials. But it takes forever when u dismantle them and after an hour in archons forge you spend 15 minutes to dismantle green engrams (so to speak).. Yeah i know we guardians are lazy af. But we need our precious time to push back the darkness! And since the green engrams are basically useless to quip this means they are being dismantled 99,99999% of the time.. Now we know that there are crybabies who equip them in trials so others can't check em out before starting a match etc. which means an auto dismantle for everyone isn't an option (because of them), BUT put an auto dismantle option in the options menu.... In game options: - Always wear helmet: y/n - Auto delete: Green/blue (checkmarks) - etc... - etc... - etc... Guardians if you agree please show support by liking and/or bumping this post so Bungie can see the guardian support behind this and maybe implement this before destiny 2. -------------------- TLDR: like and/or bump this post to let Bungie know we want an auto dismantle option for green/blue engrams.

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