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Having Issues with Error Codes and Disconnections/Loss of Raid Gear?

Sup everyone. A lot of you are having which seems to be the same issue. Either, [quote]1.) Raid gear vanishing, 2.) Fireteam being sent to Orbit ar the end of Raid or just before final Exotic Chest, 3.) Not being able to connect via same IP (multiple consoles in one home)[/quote] There are known. What isn't known is when these issues will be fixed or even addressed PUBLICLY. I have sent [b]Siffow[/b] info on all your issues. Only then, HE will be able to direct them to the Devs for further review. With the loss of gear after the Raid, make sure your Postmaster isn't full. Some people have said theirs weren't full and still lost the gear. Some have gone to their Vault. Others have had Postmaster empty AND open spaces in Vault and yet still lost items. [quote][/quote] Since the latest Patch/TU, it seems a slew of issues are popping up. Yes, Destiny is on a P2P Host system. However, there are other servers you don't know of or see. Bungie's back-end servers. Multiple IPs to run things. Not just one master IP. No, you can't "connect" to it. Check what type of router you have. Make sure NAT is set to OPEN. Configure your ports: Port-Forwarding. [quote][/quote] Any other issues, go to the [url=]Troubleshooting Page[/url].

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