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9/26/2016 4:54:35 AM

Strike Design

Okay so there are clearly strikes that people would prefer to play over others. So much to the point of leaving the game when they get one they don't like and searching again. Sepiks Perfected, Phogoth, Valus Ta'aurc, Bond Brothers, The Wretched Eye >> These are the best strikes in my opinion (although I don't really like Valus Ta'aurc because he comes up like every second strike). They're the perfect length and they're not stressful (bond brothers and wretched eye are pretty stressful). Omnigul strike needs a nerf. It takes way too long. The first big room of enemies takes too long. The second outdoor area of enemies takes too long. The boss fight is in a claustrophobic room full of ads which just feels stupid to take on in the first place. AND SHE DOESN'T EVEN DROP EXOTICS.... It's just not worth the effort. My team always leaves when we get Omnigul. Dust Palace is an alright strike but once again no point playing most of the time if they don't drop exotics. Alak-Hul is a prime example of an awesome strike. It's just one room too long. After you activate the two things on the sides to open the door, that room of enemies should just not be there. You fight another three waves (maybe four?) and continue onto the shrieker room which at that point you've had enough and everyone decides to run through it without killing anything (which doesn't work all the time). I can tell that you guys are trying to make the strikes more interesting and fun. The thing is, since strikes are primarily there for grinding... Once you've played the same thing over and over it doesn't matter if it's interesting, you're gonna hate it if it takes too long. There are strikes where I feel ripped off when three of coins doesn't pay off an there are strikes where I don't mind because it wasn't stressful and it still felt worth it.

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