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9/22/2016 1:12:46 PM

Recycled - Paid for the same thing, again. @BungieFeedback

Did the Sepiks Trike last night FINALLY and it didn't really kick in until the Walker fight. The annoyance that we've already played this. Reskinned Strike. I want to know WHY it's in the SAME AREA?! Everything about the Strike is the same other than new skins for the enemies. [quote][/quote] Now, this was in the back of my mind as soon as we dropped into Old Russia. But while doing the Strike it irked me more. Why Bungie, why? Yes this DLC was only $30. But come on guys. Move the fight to the Plaguelands at least! Utilize that area from the start. [quote][/quote] What do you guys think? We've seen a lot of recycled content.

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