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9/20/2016 1:53:30 AM

Bungie, thank you

I don't know if you've listened to me personally, or if you've done this on your own accord, but thank you for bringing back queens wrath armor. for all of year 2, I've worn my queens guard helm whenever I could, people kicked me from trials, blamed me for failing raids, and laughed when they saw it, but its all worth it to have it back. I don't see any of the weapons, and I'd personally like to try them out in the future, but seeing the queens guard helm with the RoS symbol in the top right corner just made my day, I sat in my chair for almost 3 minutes just saying thank you over and over, and hoping it wasn't a glitch, but I will remember this as the day that bungie made my character great again. so thank you, all of you at bungie, for bringing back my favorite armor, I hope there's more to come, but for now, you have my thanks. now, im wondering to myself, what are all of you guys, the citizens of the bungie forums, what are you hyped for, are you as pumped as I am for the new expansion, or are you disappointed, I'd like to hear both opinions and the reasons why, have a nice day.

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