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9/14/2016 5:10:29 PM

I Completed the Sword Reforged Collection and Ability Kills 1 Minute Before Armsday (A Story That Must Be Told)

So I work nights and coincidentally I was able to get home a little bit early this time. my brother had called me telling me that armsday was coming and if I hadn't gotten the Exotic sword that this is my last chance to do so. If I did not complete this Quest it would have forever disqualified me from completing my moments of Triumph year 2. When I got home I immediately got on Xbox and started grinding, my brother was with me the whole time. We both had ghosts capable of detecting helium filaments, the whole nine yards. Collecting whrnt fine, but the hardest part were the ability kills... We then went to challenge of elders where grenade recharge rate was heightened and I was wearing an armamentarium. We grinded at this a few rounds and it was growing apparent that... I would not make it. I was feeling so sorrowful, I love destiny and I wanted the completion for year two and this night would make or break it. We pressed onward, dying on purpose to refresh the round over and over again in futility. Until with only 10 minutes to go until armsday and 80% ability kills my brother found something on the internet. EMPTY SWORD HILT COUNTS AS ABILITY KILL. So I wasted my ammo and began slashing, hitting and pounding for dear life. My brother weakened the enemies as I cut through them like butter and set off incindiary grenades like crazy and with 3 minutes to spare I finally got 100% However, it was not over... I then quickly took us to orbit, in a mixed state of jubilation and panic as I waited TORTUROUSLY for the screens and menus to load in order to set destination. I thdn waited watching my ship fly through space in loading. I was hyperventilating with my mic muted. Upon touchdown I ran with the utmost determination that my guardian ever has before EVER. I sprinted past the cryptarch, postmaster, and Eris and immediately to Shaxx and completed the dialogue. When i looked at the clock... It read. 3:59AM... I logged out and then back in, and now all I have to do is make the kills.. What drives me insane is that if i had worked one minute more, if my brother told me ablut the hilt thing one minute later... I would have missed y2 moments of triumph forever. I had to tell this story

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