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9/11/2016 4:18:26 PM

Bungie... I know what you're thinking... Don't do it.

Remember the Touch of Malice Exotic-Quest? And what about the Sleeper Simulant Quest? What about the Queen Breakers Bow, Lord of Wolves and Dregs Promise quests in year 1? And then of course, The First Curse quest... What do these all have in common? One simple trending routine. "Quest > Quest > Wait... Wait... Wait..." Don't do it with Y3-Gjallahorn and Y3-Thorn, Bungie... "Padding" the games play-time by literally just making your players wait a full week to complete a quest is NOT a substitute for Playable Content. "This game has WEEKS worth of play-time!" Doesn't count if 2 or 3 of those weeks is literally just, "Yeah, no... Waiting for Arms Day/Xur/Weekly Reset, next week." Bungie... Don't... Do It.

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