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9/10/2016 2:55:23 AM

Why does my crucible quest keep disappearing!?!? HELP PLS!!

Here I am, at it again trying to finish moments of triumph before the deadline, when all of a sudden, the required crucible quest I've been working on for the past week UPS AND DISAPPEARS! I had a brief panic attack, being I've put in countless hours this week alone trying to complete the questline, when I thought to myself, "Hey at least I can go restart abandoned quests!" Sure enough, the quest was in there. So I take on the quest once more, starting fresh, and wouldn't you know it, I finish the first step and it disappears again.... It would really REALLY suck to lose my year 2 moments of triumph due to a glitch. If anyone knows of what I can do, report, contact, troubleshoot pls let me know. I couldn't find an email to email my issue, I can imagine their inboxes would be overwhelming but I hope they still have some kind of support I can talk to about this. If this has happened to anyone else, pls comment and let me know!

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