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8/31/2016 2:36:50 AM

Bug: Swords not hitting/causing damage to Vex Minotaurs during recoil animation

Noticed that if you hit a Vex Minotaur with a sword, then try to hit it again as it's in the middle of its recoil animation, your sword passes right through them without doing any damage. Here's the most reliable method of replicating the bug (for research purposes). Step 1: Grab Exotic Sword (or any sword really). Step 2: Find Major Vex Minotaur (Citadel on Venus is good place). Step 3: Perform the first two swipes of the regular 3 swipe combo on the Vex Minotaur. Step 4: pause briefly before performing the 3rd swipe, timing it in the middle of the Vex Minotaur recoiling from your previous swipe. Step 5: Watch as the sword passes right through him. In addition, I've noticed multiple times when wailing on Vex Minotaurs with a zero ammo sword, that sometimes the hit clearly connects, but no damage is dealt. Can someone please look into this?

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