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A Brief Analysis Of: Necromancy

Given that Satanism is apparently a valid topic of discussion at the moment, I figured, let's add to the oddity. I've been thinking about making this thread for a while, because this is a topic I find interesting, and I feel like there's also a bit of misconception about due to how it has been represented in popular culture (film, television, video games, etc.). So, i'm going to do a brief analysis of the topic of, "necromancy", as an occult practice. Necromancy is a term derived from the Greek [i]nekrosh[/i] (dead), and [i]manteia[/i] (divination). Going by the formation of the word, it would translate to something along the lines of "divination through or by the dead". This usually entails aconjuring of spirits of the deceased in order to gain knowledge or predict the future, obtaining "prophecy". This differs from ordinary divination in that prophecy and/or information is not being given by otherworldly spirits or deities, but by ordinary human beings who have passed into another world. The most common method used for this would be conjuring the spirit as an "apparition", an incorporeal phantom of sorts. Alternatively, another method would be calling the spirit to once again inhabit a deceased physical body, and this is likely where the most common representation of necromancy came from, though historically it was likely the least common practice between the two due to the complexity and potential ramifications involved with the process. However, this is only one interpretation of necromancy, stemming from the Greek roots of the word. Over time, there were alternate translations that led to the practice involving much more than only divination. In Middle English and Medieval Latin, the practice was referred to as "nigromancie" and "nigromantia" respectively. This subtle change in the beginning of the word, [i]nigr[/i], simply meaning "black", allowed for the term to classify as any form of "black" magic or "black" art. As such, all manner of curses, hexes, and other such forms of malevolent magic became a part of necromancy, adding an even deeper level of disdain for the subject as a whole, especially during an age ruled by superstition and fear of things not properly understood at the time. And even still, modern occult movements and influences have further altered the "art of necromancy". Even though it is much less common nowadays, between a general increase of skepticism and the rapid advancement of technology, the practice still quietly continues. Though necromancy can still incorporate the practice of attempting to raise the dead, corporeally or incorporeally, as well as curses and hexes, it also refers to any magical art that involves working with deities presiding over death and the ethereal energies typically associated with death. A modern necromancer needn't be seeking to summon a ghost, raise a corpse, curse an enemy, or have any ill intent whatsoever. A modern necromancer can be anyone who seeks to understand, study and/or work with the nature, energy, or presiding deities of death from a spiritual perspective. So aside from briefly going over the origins and evolution of necromancy as a practice, let's add a few questions. Why do you believe this practice still continues into the modern day, despite it becoming a less and less likely reality? What is your opinion on those who find interest in the subject and choose to dabble in it while still respecting the established social barriers relating to the deceased? Do you have any interest, belief, or experiences in the subject yourself? [b]The remainder of this post is a disclaimer and not relevant to the topic, read at your own leisure.[/b] I have, so far, done my best to refrain from infusing any personal bias into the content of this post. What information I have posted on the subject is, to the best of my knowledge, factual. As to the potential reality of the practice itself, I will not take a stance on, as to begin this thread with as little favoritism toward either side as possible. I'm aware that bringing up this topic at all will likely be disregarded as silly, pointless, or outright stupid by some of you, and that's perfectly fine. We all have our opinions on what's worthy of discussion and what isn't, and every right to voice them. All ll I ask, even if in vain, is that you remain respectful of those who do wish to contribute to the topic at hand. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you don't consider it a waste.

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