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Rise of Iron: Nadir predictions and perk speculations

Currently we don't know that much about Nadir but what if I told you there are weapons Nadir has developed. This shouldn't be surprising thanks to the Crucible weapons giving some description of all those weapons manufacturers'. Here are the list of weapon types by Nadir: Pulse Rifles Scout Rifles Snipers Shotguns Machine Guns (As seen in images and gameplay provided by Game Informer and Rise of Iron images by Bungie) What about perks? Well, until there is more confirmation, I want to guess that there might be perks that deal with mobility and damage boosting. If you saw gameplay from one of Game Informers trailers, you can see a hunter using it on hive thralls and when fired it has a similar effect to the Kings Fall weapons letting out steam when fired like exhaust which to me makes it look like a overheat mechanic that could be possible if holding down the trigger deals more damage over time. The mobility comes from how the weapon looks with the smooth aerodynamic frame which means the weapons can have high handling, fast rate of fire, and maybe more ammo to carry in the mag (I'll have to look at the weapons again to be sure) There are other things to account for such as Nadir meaning "opposite" as I looked up and the fact that weapons contain scientific term names followed by a 3-letter alpha code as I also researched and I may need to decode those alpha codes which I will try and make a forum for too. Hopefully this is helpful for any speculators. Thanks for listening.

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