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Did you notice this? It took me until now to actually realize it.

I've seen many, and read less, articles and threads similarly titled "Top 10 things wrong/holding back Destiny." Here I want to just mention 1 fact that is linked to many of the repeated things mentioned in these lists. There is not one single NPC you encounter, EVER, outside the tower [u]while you have control of your character[/u]. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Not in a mission, patrol, strike, or raid. Just you, your fireteam, your ghosts, and enemies. Never the 'badass lost guardian in need of assistance' interrupting us as we're in the middle of doing our own mission. The old female warlock in the cave who needs 10 thrall skulls and the cape of a wizard delivered to her located somewhere back in the first 1/3 of the mission (standard optional mid-mission objective). There is no chance for escort or rescue missions. No delivery quests of supplies to the guardian encampment/outpost located just outside of the tower. Outpost gives you message of incoming Fallen attack to deliver to the tower. Prepare for battle, defensive/horde style. (Que up world event: 6-16 man horde battle. The longer your squad survives the better your rewards, or it's beatable.) I could go on for an hour on specifics, but anyway the point being: I think a major issue that is a big cause of many of Destiny's issues of overly repetitive environments, lack of mission variety, and that huge component of most RPGs... [b]STORY[/b] can all be heavily attributed to the complete nonexistence of NPCs outside the tower. Was their a voice actor's strike? Did Bungie think the illusion of being 1 of only 6 active guardians in the whole game's universe was really going to paint that grand scale picture? Your thoughts? Edit: One place you could add these NPCs where it would do a lot (imo) is in the dailies. Secondary objectives added to the hardest version of the story missions, unknown what it will be until you enter. Reward: rep + another engram or whatever. Killing Grayliks on level 14 is not old, it's dead and rotting. Something else that hasn't been explored yet add legendary bounties that go in the missions' slot of your inventory, (Example: Complete 7 daily/weekly activites, Reward: Legendary engram) or weekly/legendary crucible bounties (Example: Highest score in lobby 5 times or 10 kills in a Crucible match 5 consecutive times). OFF TOPIC: Also wtf is the crucible in the game's universe? We're on the same side versus aliens but kill each other in sport? Training program Matrix style? Most pvp games give you a reason to fight eachother, (Terrorist vs. Counter-Tertorist, Alliance vs. Horde) this game we just fight eachother because "reasons". Also, I finally got a "Mark of the Unbroken" (Perfect game in the crucible) by going 16 kills and 0 deaths in skirmish and I feel I shoulda got an emblem or something for that.

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