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Editado por Mr Kenno: 7/31/2016 11:04:34 PM

Decrease warlock melee range?





end my suffering


Just seems a bit unfair that warlocks have substantially more range than hunters and titans [spoiler]this excludes charged melees and shoulder charge[/spoiler] I saw this post from a new player and decided to post it myself. EDIT1: seems most ppl are ok with the range although other melees should be rebalanced with their melees. EDIT2: btw this isn't a nerf post i just want to see opinions etc. EDIT3: over 100 votes nice. EDIT4: For those who don't read spoilers. This post is about basic melees not charged. I find the charged melees to ve balanced atm (except throwing knives but whatever) EDIT5: Over 200 replies. My biggest post yet. EDIT6: Again this is about rebalancing basic melees rather than charged.

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