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Editado por Talia Sendua: 7/30/2016 12:22:06 AM

Fix this f***ing Spawntraping!

Yes, i think so!


I disagree with you! Spawnkills need real Skill!


I didn't realized that problem


Hey Bungie, i can't understand why you allow this crap in Pvp-modes like Skirmish, Salvage and Elimination (Trials of Osiris)... I (and maybe every other Person in this game) can be spawntraped while the Revive-Animation... (What i mean is the Problem with resc-sniping). Destiny is no CoD so we don't want Spawnkilling. Make the Shields like they was while House of Wolves! I can't belive that you think that Spawntraping (Rescue-Sniping) with Sniperrifles is Skill... That is only a unfair and unnecessary Feature in Pvp. Fix that Shit or Wipe this possible Spawntraping after Revive from this Game. Without Spawntraping would Trials maybe playable and fair for each normal Player on Xbox One. The Matches on Xbox shouldn't decide with Spawntraping the Ghostpoints AND to strong Weapons. It should decide with skill which one Team win the match. [u][b]DO IT![/b][/u] And by the Way: [b][u]Bann every Player who carry for Money other Player to the Lighthouse![/u][/b] [b]And at last: When this Problem exist in Rise of Iron i quit Pvp and don't Play again this crappy Crucible![/b]

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