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3/7/2016 12:31:28 AM

Petition for Updating Old Raids

Ok so I'm here with a very widely discussed topic, but with some different points to show you and some questions I have myself. Updating old raids has been what we've all asked for but I've compiled some of the best points I've seen and I'm hoping you guys can help me show Bungie employees. First things first, although we're excited for new content (DLCs), I really ends up killing a little more of destiny. What I mean is that sure we have ONE new raid, but ONE more raid is invalidated. VoG has all the fun memories and just seemed more like a puzzle, heck we still are searching for stuff in it! (not in KF though..) Anyway, this would benefit Bungie [i]greatly[/i] to do this. Next point is that you could conveniently place it with another DLC so that we get a new raid PLUS two more old ones rebooted. The main problem people see is the weapons would be "op" (blammer, VoC, Fartbringer, etc.) but it wouldn't be that hard to just change the rewards to give different weapons altogether, or just no special raid guns, just legendaries from the new DLC that it is released with. The only thing you'd be doing is making a heroic version of the raid pretty much, but with different reward systems. That leads to the fact that Bungie is hesitant to do this bc that means people would only use the VoG weapons, but you could either A. Change them to non-op guns, or B. make the rewards just regular legendaries. Plus, people already only use the Mida and TLW, so adding more good guns would even out the playing field. But the major thing is healing the Destiny community's seeping wound. Go to patrol now, and it's depressing how lonely you are. Adding these raids back would make a huge difference. Also, just making patrols a relevant thing, and same with nightfalls. Really just make things relevant that you have deemed useless with TTK now. Please comment with more points, and even if you have already seen all these ideas, SIGN SO BUNGIE CAN SEE. [spoiler]who cares if petitions were a Vanilla thing, Bungie still sees the popular ones so comment and bump and sign away[/spoiler] toodloo Guardians. TL;DR: Sorry bud, looks like you're SOL here. You gotta read it.

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