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7/22/2016 11:08:09 AM

Iron Banner on Xbox One sucks!!!

Hey Guys, i'm here to tell you about my experiences in this Iron Banner (from this week)! The most Things which -blam!-s up are special Weapons i wrote down there: -Universal Remote -Mida-Multitool (I live in Germany and sometimes i killed by Mida while i'm behind a wall and no, i haven't lag [49 Mb/s Download, 7-9 Mb/s Upload]). -Conspiracy theory-D -Party Crasher 1+ And now the Things of Iron Banner i hate it: -Spawntrapt by Supers and the broken Spawnsystem (spawning in the near of enemie Players) -On Xbox i meet sometimes Player with so much skill that it Looks like aimbot or wallhacks (they know who you are, better then useing the Radar) -Players who ushing you in the view of the enemies because they can push me while they aren't in my Fireteam... WHY?!? -On Xbox the used Weapons are the top of the Meta-Ranklist (Universal Remote, Mida, Last Word...) Maybe the balanceing works perfectly on PlayStation (I don't mean the redbars) but on Xbox a Match feels like hard work and like Game Matches from the MLG! On Xbox make Crucible NO FUN. That's only my Opinion but what do you think? Make Pvp on Xbox One fun? Write it into the Commentary! Your DerUnbekannteLP from Xbox-Live

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