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Hablemos de Destiny.
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My trials story is the worst

I've been to the light house 20+ times, last weekend we failed 3 times at win 8 and failed many but this story I believe trumps the rest. Win 7 without a sign of using our mercy even to the laggers we have to defeat through crazy tactics. We are up in the game 4-2 and at this point I'm carrying my team for the rest of the card. They held their own but I put them in the ground. Anyway I take down their bladedancer as my team solos out their sniper. We are left with a warlock who I'm peppering with bullets as he blinks away from around a corner. I communicate to my team something like "He's running back out and is one shot" My XBOX KINECT for the first time ever decides to take that as Xbox open up "Smite" and immediately opens up "Smite" it doesn't do its usual listening then try to figure out what you are saying. It was bullshit and that thing will never be plugged in again. To make this shorter my team goes on to Mercury with me still needing one win. They of coarse waited and helped me my next game so I could go with them but that next team beats us and I go on to gain my loss. I honestly don't know if my heart has ever been broken like that I've had heart break but that one still stings because I deserved to land on Mercury with my fellow comrads but nope I just stayed in the tower. If you see or have heard about a Hunter running his ship into the tower I'm sure my hunter is that guy. Don't worry he had seen everything.

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