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7/13/2016 11:41:04 PM

Make the initial quest line for chaperone Easy

Is there any way that the shindig in the crucible can be made a bit more fair and a little bit more forgiving? This part of the quest is not the best way to introduce an exotic shotgun for those who have issue in crucible. I went from 17% to 7% even though I did not die much and still got the most kills, I get penalized greatly for at least trying. I have been on this quest for 2 nearly 3 months and I am fed up at the fact that the expectations of the player are set way too high. Not everyone does great in the crucible and those that have difficulty alone cannot complete a quest that involves having to get "100%" using The Last Word and penalizing the player a large amount just because they die or lose, not to mention the amount of percent you get for every kill is too little, and the fact there is no added bonus for winning is just lame. What would have been better is having it to where you have to kill a specified amount of guardians, or have to win a specific amount of games, whether it would be a mix of Clash, Rumble, or even rift and skirmish in the crucible. It is not fair that players like me, who sometimes do well and for the most time don't, are basically tortured trying to complete the first step to get this weapon. To be honest this was a poor way of starting up a Questline to get a shotgun that you probably won't even use, but hey what do I know, I've never even used the damn thing. And probably never will... Everyone please take consideration in this post, and have a great day.

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