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Hablemos de Destiny.
7/7/2016 9:21:10 PM

My Dreams are in Reach Thanks to You Bungie!!

Bungie I have to hand it to your guys. Over 15 years ago when Halo Combat Evolved came out I was only in grade school. We got an Xbox and my father and I played the hell out of that game. We played it co-op for years on end, eventually Halo 2 when it was released, then 3 and ODST and Reach. And during that time I played the first Halo I immediately grew to love Bungie, I remember in 3rd grade I looked where the headquarters was, back in Redmond oh so long ago and I swore then that I wanted to work for you. I love to draw, I remembered drawing Sangheili combating marines, banshees and lots of stuff. I remember keeping hope that Bungie would be creating things long enough so when I was old enough I'd finally be able to go to college and work for you guys. And you know what? After Halo, Bungie hooked me back in with another great game, Destiny. You re-kindled my fire to make art for games and my dream to one day work along side the people I have such great respect for. My father used Halo as a teaching tool to show me respect, teamwork and how to build good character, amongst other things. That series alone lent a big hand in shaping the person I came to be. And I have Bungie to thank for that. I played every Halo up to 4 co-op with my father. We were a team and unstoppable at that. We did see Destiny's release but at the time we couldn't afford the Net. So we continued our adventures in Halo for a time. Up until last year tragedy struck and I lost my gaming partner, forever. It carved deeps wounds that may never heal and after that I found it near impossible and far too painful to pick up Halo again (but they sit on my self) presently. And then I found Destiny, the first game, no, my first adventure I took on alone. I ventured off in the realm of Destiny and like the Halo series before it another Bungie creation took my breath away. I found myself grinning from ear to ear but also wishing that my father had been here to see it as well. I know he would have greatly enjoyed this game. But he lives on through my play style and what he taught me. Like Halo did in the past, it's become a way of life and additionally, lit my spark even more. I still want to (and hopefully will) work for you Bungie. I've almost graduated college now and I've been working on my art for a long time and I want to help create the awesome worlds, creatures and characters of this awesome verse. But on this day, Bungie Day. I have to let all of you know how appreciative I am to you. This is my thanks, I'm here with you till the ends of time itself. Thank you Bungie, for giving me something to strive for and giving me inspiration since the beginning. I hope to join your epic team one of these days soon.

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