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7/6/2016 1:19:33 AM

Those dissatisfied with Trials of Osiris

Let me start by saying most of this is my OPINION and I welcome all arguments and trolling. Also I'm going to say I'm around top 10 percent in pvp. (Very very very average) and in year one I got pub stomped on the regular in all pvp modes. Why? Why all the fuss? It's supposed to be hard right? It's the end game pvp that's supposed to be the most challenging. So why are people so mad they can't go flawless? It's not for everyone. I don't raid because I'm not good at it and people kick me for dying "too soon". There are always gonna be those type of assholes in a game this large. People complain because streamers carry. So what? As long as they don't charge it doesn't matter! Streamers aren't the only people who carry! I've beat plenty of streamers (krafty lumi, triple, hovey) and I've been absolutely rekt by those same guys in other games. Now if you've paid to go flawless you're a sad sad human being and I'll pray for you. I've decimated 2100+ Elos and I've been beat by 1200 elo teams. I've single carried, I've double carried and I've been murdered by people when I'm running with my most skilled teammates. People say "year two trials is so much harder than year one! It's unfair! Only sweaty try hards and top 1 percent players get to go!!" Well year 1 I had maybe 5 flawless runs and in year 2 I've had around 20. Why? Because I got wrecked and LEARNED from it. Just because someone kicks your ass doesn't mean they are sweaty try hards, they are probably just better than you! Don't get me wrong there are those assholes out there whose main goal is to ruin your flawless, but don't let them! Practice! Get better, if I can do it so can you. You that believe you should go flawless just because you're "trying your best" are the same ones who got a trophy when you were a kid for "participating" even though you came in last place. How do you guardians feel about trials? Love it? Hate it? Why do you feel the way you do? All comments welcome.

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